I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately; Google, Yahoo (theoretically) and Bing using our “Web History” in the innocent effort to continue providing us searchers the highest quality caliber organic results.

Well, that’s a bunch of bullshit and I’ll tell you why.

It’s not about any concern for my well-being or enhancing my Internet searching pleasure folks, it’s about the advertising dollars (and no one can really blame them for that I suppose). It’s really just another way to globally distort that once useful hyperlink for the sake of feeding the huge masses of shear greed; regardless of any of the potential consequences to human kind.

... not to mention PageRank frenzies fiascos we still see today...

And privacy Issues? Yep. Gonna’ be tons of those that’s for sure. Personal rights and freedom of choice issues? Business ethics? You betcha’. Issues that my puny brain can’t fathom right now? No doubt. Disregarding human rights in ways like these don’t concern me very much. Well they do but there are lots of other advocates for that kind of stuff. My concerns are mostly for my own self-preservation and some for the search engine optimization industry. I’m quite pissed and a little frightened and I’ll tell you all the reasons why.

1. The enormous impact it’s going to have on already greatly depreciated and stained SEO industry [from the years and years of spammers, Internet marketing fraudsters, search engine manipulating client deceiving search engine stupidity greed driven buncha’ no good for nothing global tricksters]. This Search Pattern Determining Advertising Selling Don’t You Just Love Me Now Model’s gotta’ go! A whole new generation of SEO scammers is brewing. It’s gonna’ take a bit for this Web History thing to unravel its wolf’s skin and it’s gonna’ take a bit more time for the fraudsters to conjure up their secret little devious schemes, but you wait, and you watch and don’t you ever say that I didn’t warn you.
2. I guess there’s only one reason, for now.

Well, what can I do I guess.

I’ll tell you what I can do. I can write articles, start debates about this ... I could even demand answers from the search engines too (but probably won't because I don't want to get myself going in a rant and lose my effectiveness as a communicator ). Ya' I know, they have to have their trade secrets [but they all look asame right now] and all that corporate and political mumbo jumbo. I’ve long ago forgotten that we have existing safety nets like government regulations for industries (even for the ones that the governments can never understand), corporate ethics bodies, beaurocrats galore but all those things are never going to make a bean of difference. It’s usually only in the wake of the aftermath that the world wakes up to a disaster.

I think I changed my mind.

No. No. Don't start.

I want answers. I want accountability. I want the search engines to address my concerns!! AND WHEN DO I WANT IT …

Ok. So a big basket of Peace, a half quart of love, please pay attention to your manners and watch out for the brown acid [hey, I'm wearing my hippie pants today].

Sincerely [now that’s rare],

... original rantings and ravings ...

I’ve been thinking all day about this; wondering, pondering, discovering, illuminating then conjecturing of course. I’d even say I've been obsessing. Why do I really care about a Web History development? What really troubles me about this?

Anyway, this is what I’ve come up with. Tell me I'm insane or what.

Remember a while back when we heard about Microsoft’s acquisition of Yahoo’s search engine [on a ten year lease if I remember correctly] ,

Down the road a bit Google shows up with Web History and a new search pattern traffic system that could used as a great innovative marketing leverage tool [for advertisers]. Almost the next day Microsoft shows up with a pretty much the identical Web History function [which is more user-friendly to disengage]. OK.

So Yahoo’s search is on the outs and both Microsoft and Google each have a highly sophisticated advertising tool, I mean this user enhancement technologies are in place.

Now what.

I’ll tell you now what.

Visualize three or more sets of search results on the same results page rather than just the two they now display (other than Yahoo); the natural results and the sponsored ads. Now, take concept a small step further and start merging some of these ad opportunities together. The sources of the rankings could easily become unknown; #1 sits there for unknown reasons but I’ll tell ya’ folks, the search engine tells you it’s the best one they could find outa’ the bunch. Oh well, that’s been the nature of Internet marketing since I was a pup in the SEO game and it’d be just like life in general I suppose: so many unknowns, so many hidden motives.

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