What is Meta Tag in SEO? And Why is it important in SEO?

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I believe they are first and foremost step and important onpage factors which is helpful in getting good keyword ranking, Search engine uses meta description, title for search result and putting other meta tags like meta robots, verification code and other onpage factors are also helpful.

Meta tags are the part of on page seo. Meta tags are very important for seo purposes. Meta tags types are given below that are included in on page.
Meta title
meta keywords
meta description

Meta tags are the part of web page which tells to search engine and user about the web page. With the help of meta tag user is able to understood the web page before visiting is.

So it is necessary to make it for better understanding.

Meta tags are the part of on-page seo and it is the most important part of seo. There are some important types of meta tags : meta keywords, meta description, etc...

Meta tag is important factor in SEO which help to improving search result...

Thanks to all for your answer.

Meta Tag is essential part of websites because google identify websites based on keywords and meta tag syntax is allowed to add keywords ,Title and Description for the websites.

Thanks vivekwebindia.

Though i can not quote the source "The meta tags are not the only thing that will provide you good ranking in google indexing of your site. For good ranking by google site content should also match content of your site."

Meta tags are tags that provide meta data information about you website to search engine. What ever you write in meta tags will tell search engine about your business and niche market.

Always be carefull and innovative in creation meta tags.

Meta tags are the most important part of On-page SEO and it is very necessary element of opimizaion of any website.

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