what are black hat SEO's?

The unethical way to do SEO or the unethical way to get backlinks, for example using autimatic link software considered as Black Hat SEO.

Black Hat SEO is strictly prohibited techniques of SEO...Which works against the search engine guidelines..So never this techniques can improve or promote your business into internet marketing through search engines..

Black hat SEO is a process to promote any website in unethical manner and get high ranking in search engine but this method is totaly against to the Google rules and regulations.

Black hat Search Engine Optimization is the quickly process for improve the keyword position in search engines.Black hat means website is not follow the algorithm rules and regulation like keyword stuffing in meta data and like that some things.

Never follow Black-Hat SEO methods to improve your SEO results. Always go for White-Hat, it's a snail method but provide you the best result within few months of smart work.

"Better late than never!"

Simply the thing that is above or below the Google guide line is called as balck hate and it spaming .

The process in which you can get high ranking very quickly for your website by using of black techniques which are totaly against to Google rules and Google will hit this site into spam is called black hat SEO but never use this technique.

Black hat seo is reciprocal to white hat seo. Some black hat seo techniques are below
1. keyword stuffing
2. Duplicate content
3. link wheeling

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