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Through Black Hat SEO, your website can easily get a higher rank in Search Engine Result Page (SERP) which you can save time and higher income. However, Sites using these techniques are eventually banned, de-indexed or penalized through lower rankings. If you want a long lasting result better use White Hat SEO.

There is only one advantage of black hat SEO it helps to rank the website on search engine first page in short period of time.

There are no advantages by using black hat SEO Techniques.may be today you can get the better results but tomorrow you may be penalised by Google. So, try to use White Hat SEO Techniques.

Blackhat SEO will get you results typically faster. The pitfalls are being banned or losing rankings which requires a "churn and burn" method of building sites rather than building an authority site that will last many years.

Hello everyone
we can not say advantages but its features are againts the search engine policy and it gives you faster results.
but main disadvantage is you will be get banned from search result thanks

Now google alogrith is much advance. If you will use any black hat way then your site will get punishment... I dont think there is any advantage of doin black hat seo.

The only feature of Black Hat Seo is to provide quick results in ranking but we can not call it an advantage because after sometime Google will surely penalize you for applying Black Hat Techniques. So I suggest you to go for White Hat techniques for long term results.

If there is single advantages please tell me, I’ll use it for my website. Google always says, "if you are using black hate I am going to punish you."


Black Hat SEO refers to the utilization of aggressive SEO ways, techniques and ways that focus solely on search engines and not a personality's audience, and typically doesn't adjust search engines rules.

sometimes it is easy to get in the top of SERP by these techniques.

one advantage of black hat SEO it helps to rank the website on search engine first page in short period of time.

In my view point, there is no advantages from block hat seo techniques.

well if you are asking for the advantages of black hat SEO than with the help of black hat SEO you can take your site to the top position in a short span of time but at the same time you may always have a fear that google will slap you down once they get what you are trying to. many time it results in permanent ban !!

Results obtained are faster but short-term, surely it helps marketing low costs.

It shows result rapidly but if it is caught by google once then it will demage so badly.

It can give you results in very short period of time.

Any advantages you will get using black hat SEO techniques would be temporary and it can effect your website's rankings negatively in the long run. So my advise would be to don't use any of these techniques because the results would never be long lasting.

As per my concern, through black hat seo techniques we can get organic rank quickly through which we can attract lots of client and make them happy but those activities are so risky for a site. When any updates came then that site will surely effected. We should to beware from black hat seo techniques.

As far as i know using Black hat SEO tatics at the start it feels like you are on the top of the search engines but when search engine caught you up, they will slap you down all the way to the end of the road where you can go nowhere. So, Black hat SEO practices may majorly degrade the site authority in front of the search engines.

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Black hat seo techniques hlps to get in top 10 SERP very quickly bt there are chances of your site getting penalised ......

one advantage of black hat SEO it helps to rank the website on search engine first page in short period of time.I agree with this statement.

It is unethical technique but as i know it is used to increase ranking in short time.It may quickly deliver result.Google definitely panalize you if you applied black hat seo technique.

Its advantage is get ranking faster way but its effect harmful for website.

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