The “Description” meta tag and “keyword” meta tag were initially introduced to make using the web easier. Unfortunately, over the years these tags have been abused to the point where search engines have reduced bonus casino their importance in their algorithms.

Meta tags are used by robots,specially title and description meta tags are very important because search engine show this in search result.

Meta tags are not used for determining SERP rankings any longer. However, it's important to optimize your meta descriptions, as search engines will often use them for the page description on SERPs. So while they won't affect your ranking, a well-written description (along with an optimized <title> tag) can help solicit clickthroughs from users.

Meta tags are very important in SEO. Its very important for getting high ranking on your website.

Meta Title and Meta Description tags are so important to findout our webpage url into search engines, when a user searched with a query..But not that much of value of Meta Keywords according to the search engines..

Meta Tags are important part of seo. The information provided in a meta tag is used to specify page description and keywords in search engines.

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