I've been working on creating a plan to optimize my company webpage for SEO... Ive gathered a whole bunch of information and need to make an outline to present to my boss.

Does anyone have a general outline that i can reference, or anything that could possibly help me put all my thoughts and supporting information into some sort of order?

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I would set specific keyphrase goals, analyze the competition then develop an SEO plan and timelime.

Another way is to divide your ideas into two lists: on-site optimization and off-site optimization and then set about accomplishing manageable tasks one at a time.


You should write objectives, targeted market & sales , competition analysis and how we can achieve goals and beat to competitors with search engine optimization.


Whenever I create an outline for a certain website, I consider these things first:Keyword, Competition, Content, Niche and Links... To start the process, I think keyword is the most important factor to start with.


hmm, awesome advice everyone, thanks!

I created an outline and my boss was very happy, thank god. haha.

I appreciate all the advice :)

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