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There are three kind of keywords use in the SEO 1. log tail keywords 2. short tail keywords 3. keyword (generic).log tail keywords are more easy to optimize then the others one .


The main difference is, Long tail keywords are more easy to optimise in comparision with short tail keywords.


Short tail keywords are one or two word phrases, such as “Nashville pet” or “German shepherds.”
Long-tail keywords are typically three words or more, and they are more of a phrase or question than a broad description. The long tail keyword examples: “find Nashville pet for adoption” or “adopt a German shepherd in Nashville, Tennessee.”

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Short keyword and long keyword both are much different from each other. Long term keyword easily ranked in Google. On the other hand short term keyword is difficult to rank in Google.


Short tail keyword means it have only single phase keyword.Example:camera
Long tail keyword means it have 3 phase and more that 3 phase keyword.Example:Sony cybershot camera 16MP.
Long tail keyword have more aspects in SEO.because it would not have too much competition,it could easily rank in search engines.


short tail keyword or long tail keyword. short trail keywor si mainly 2 words, and long tail keywords is more than 2 keyword.

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