Can any one tell what is Google sandbox?

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The Google Sandbox is nothing but it is very similar to a new website being placed on probation, and kept lower competitive keywords expected in searches, prior to being given full value for its incoming links and content.

Google Sandbox is a Google Algorithm which keep tracks of the methods you are trying to build backlinks for you blogs. This will track the IP address of your computer and will notice how frequently and how much backlinks you are building for your blog either they are blog comments or guest blogging.

If your site is low content and not seach engine friendly then Google will throw the site in to sand box temporarily.

The Sandbox or the Google penalty is a name given to an observation of the way Google ranks web pages in its index. If a website is not following the Google guidelines, then they will put this website in sandbox.

not sure if the sandbox even exist anymore.. I have build and ranked websites on page 1 of google in weeks, where at onetime you just could get there (sandbox) before... had to wait and earn it I guess..

If you do some extra activities for your website then google take this in google sandbox and execute these activities slowly.

The Google sandbox is an incredibly useful tool that suggests keywords and key phrases on the basis of what people have been searching recently.

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