Wow! What a year it’s been in SEO 2012, we’ve had the crackdown on link networks, EMD’s, Panda, Penguin, and Piranha.

Ok, I made the last one up, but there should have been Piranha update right?
It got me thinking, what on earth is Google going to throw at us in 2013? How can they top that? I had no idea, so I thought I’d ask some of my Friends.


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I think we'll see more Panda refreshes and updates to Penguin in the form of putting more emphasis on catching false positives. For example, better work detecting which version is the original when duplicate content is detected, and even more emphasis placed on social signals (number of Facebook shares, Twitter tweets, etc) as part of the ranking algorithm. Social signals might even take the form of their own named algorithm. I think we'll start to see some of the more traditional signals like pages per visit be replaced by things like time on site as AJAX and dynamic pages that act more like software become more popular. I think we'll also start to see mobile signals factored in as Google's algorithm becomes aware of how often people return to a site and whether that site is integrated into their daily lives (in the form of mobile software that gets accessed throughout the day, for example).

That was very perceptive. Really gotr me thinking. I was especially intrigued with the part about mobile triggers. Google locates well now, that data has tangible apllication. I think it should already be assign value from obvious trends it detects from mobile users. For example, 1000 people could shout out on Facebook how great a restaurant is but 1000 people at the restaurant is clear evidence of its popularity. Actual humans are a more credible source of data than all the little Internet marketers we've all become through Facebook training. LIKE ME!!!!! l\or take it a step further ... everybody LIKE my friends aunt's mother's husband's business.

As Facebook seems to be developing search we'll likely see that war heat up. Facebook doesn't seem as easy to exploit as Google+ is. I get lot less spam from Facebook, if any. Maybe Facebook search will catch on.

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