Can anyone suggest me the way of utilize the Squidoo a SEO point of view?????

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Squidoo has the advantage that all backlinks pointed to your website are do-follow.
Squidoo works better for products that are not saturated. If everybody is writing about the same topic it is hard to get ranked.

**Some of the benefits of Squidoo: **
- Squidoo allows everyone to create a special web page that focuses on some subject that you are an expert in
- One of the interesting thing about Squidoo pages ( or lenses) are getting a higher position in search engines for a number of keywords

Squidoo is similar like blog where you can add a page for your relevant topic therefore you can share information about the product.

Squidoo is one of the best service provider to promote our business, also our website visitors should increased which leads to increase our business revenue..

Squidoo is like a blog and it is best website to promote your website and article .It is provide to you back links for your website .

Squidoo is great social networking website. You can create your blog, article and profile on the squidoo. It is give the quality back links and visitors.

Squiddo is very important webisite for seo purpose...

A Squidoo lens is a webpage that focuses on a particular topic.

Squidoo allows individuals to create web pages that allow them to earn an income through various methods. Squidoo as a means of communicating their message to the world. It also allows individuals to create pages to promote other websites, products and services

Squido lens page will give more important for backlink part, once you have published with quality content and attractive tittle then the Google will consider consider quality backing. And one more advantage it’s a do follow backlink.

Squidoo is one of the good website..where we can get the backlinks is not an easy task..because the Squidoo lens is observe the genuine content or not..

First of all make squidoo lense with your most appropriate keywords, update that lense on regular basis, also make link structure post unique content everyday in your lense, make inter link from that lense to your website.

From my experience, squidoo is the hardest web 2.0 site to approve my articles. Even harder than ezine.

Benefits of squidoo :

1) Easy way for promoting your website/programs

2) Gives you an SEO advantage

3) You can create any number of squidoo lenses
4) It is free

5) Helps you make money

6) Easy to create

Making your own squidoo pages is pretty simple. All you need to do is follow some simple steps-

a) Sign up for a squidoo account (without any effect on your pocket as it is free).
b) Confirm your account. Once you have created it you can build your profile.
c) Using this profile build as many lenses as you wish.

Its do follow and its a type of social network so I think its good as its always works for my postings.

Squidoo is great and high pr website. Here we can create lens and get quality back links and huge visitors.

Just type the benefits of Squidoo in Search Engine and you will get all your answers immediately.

It is high Pr do follow web 2.0 site. Which gives you free cloud hosting and allow you to create and promote your content with squdioo network. It also has large traffic protfolio which can gives you great traffic.

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