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Bounce, is a sign you are doing EVERYTHING wrong

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Bounce, is a sign you are doing EVERYTHING wrong

I think that a bounce is definately an indication that there is a problem, but it could also happen on pages where everything is done correctly.

For example, if a user lands on a page and the content on the page is so good that the user got their answer, there is no need for the user to continue on the site, so they leave. Your content was good, there were no ads, etc.. the user was happy to get the information.

I think the answer to the bounce question really depends on the site and content. If the site is meant to engage with the user, say at a social level, then leaving the site right after arriving would be a bad thing.


This is not a difficult task to do for that you should check out image quality of your site and remove unnecessary things.


from good quality content, informatic information in which user/visitor are intrested to read, uses of images with alt tag with caption in which user are satisfy with their information which you will post on website.

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