Hello fellows, today while i was doing seo of my website i got stuck on some meta taggings then i found out that, i have some lackings on knowledge of on page optimization. I would like to get some tips or if anyone can share any link where i can get videos or suggestions about on page optimization.

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On page optimization Includes website analysis, competitor analysis, Keyword research,creation of title, meta tages, Alt tages, checking content on website, creation of sitemap, robots.txt file etc. There are two meta tages Meta description tag and meta Keyword tag. Before creating meta tages first we must do Keywoooord research and then use these keywords in meta tags.

make sure to use the Title and Description tags for optimizing keywords but do so in a natural way. Title tags should be around 50-70 characters, Description tags 140-160. Make sure they aren't duplicates. The content from Description tags appears often in the search results as the text under the keyword link result and URL. The meta Keyword tag is irrelevant these days, but use it regardless.

On page optimization is the statring process for SEO. In on page seo we have do competitior analysis for a website, there must be a proper length for meta tags and title. proper submissions of sitemap as well as robots.txt file.for more details you can serach SEO blogs as well as websites.

Onpage optimaization includes following methods:
Website Structure Optimization
Content Optimization
Image Optimization
HTML code optimization
Meta tag creation & optimization
sitemap creation & updation

Onpage optimization includes these following processes :

Research and Website Analysis
Meta Title And description
Keyword Research and analysis
Web Design and Development
Content Creation
Website Analysis
Sitemap creation
Rss feed
Robots.txt file

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