As per my knowledge via

  • link building
  • article writing
  • keyword selection and
  • blogging
  • backlink
    you can increase the page ranking and traffic on your website.

By using all the techniques of seo you can increase the traffic to a site.

Forum, Blog, Article submissions and Press Release helps to get high Page Rank and increase traffice on your site.

Brings the good qualities to your websites.

traffic can b increased by blog commenting, book marking, directory submission, forum posting.

Well, try to increase your social influences, and also have a look at your back links quality.

Here are the 13 ways to increase your site search traffic:
1. Focus on the Long Tail
2. Stick Around
3. Optimize Your Articles
4. Don't Forget About Link Building
5. Use Google's Keyword Tool
6. Provide Amazing Value to Your Readers
7. Don't Try to Outsmart Google
8. Think of SEO as an Opportunity to Create Value
9. Decrease Bounce Rate
10. Produce Quality Content
11. Create a Company Blog to Increase SEO Traffic
12. Leverage Industry Experts
13. Create a Community

Now a days its tough to get organic rank suddenly in Google or in other search engine. If you want to increase your site's traffic then just use social media site through which users can directly came on your site.

Is it possible for you to share your site address with us???

Guest Posting

Do everthing for your site like offpage, onpage, smo but content should be relevent no copy content and post on related and relevant sites. Then see the result

I can't tell you what's wrong with your site without looking at your work, so is it possible for you to share your site link, and uptil i can suggest the same suggested by everyone i.e. forum posting, yahoo answers, social influencing etc.

Choose a catchy and descriptive title.
Focus on your design.
Organize your content.
Focus on your target audience.
Add interesting images.
Enhance your writing.
Avoid overwhelming your readers.
Choose content that will last for a while.

No copy content were use, do accurate SEO, post on relevant sites check all things alexa,page rank,traffic and so on after that you will post and then automatically result shows.


First of all analyze that site as per On page basis and if the On page is ok then just try to concentrate on your off page work like Article, PDF, Press release, SBM, Business listing, classified.
The most important thing to interact with thematic users via Social media sites like Facebook, twitter, linkedin and many more.

by link building such as forum posting,bookmarking,blog posting,blog commenting

Hi Smiti,

I agree with your points, user should to insert unique/relevant and user friendly content on his site or page.
Now a days content is most important factor to get rank its a main suporting term for a website to get rank.
Also user should to do off page seo activities in proper way. Don't ever try to do over optimization, Just do normal work and concentrate on quality of work not on quantity of work.

First of all check your compitator then check his site backlinks, from where he is getting all of them?? and do the same

Linking your webpage with high quality links and doing efficient social media marketing would really to increase the traffic to your site.

Do On Page as well as Off Page Optimization.

Hello Myronz, can you plase tell the URL of your website, after analysing i suggest you; what startegy you can implement to get relevant traffic.

Social bookmarking is easiest and simplest way to increase traffic.Make sure that your content is relevent and attractive this also helps to get more traffic.

Follow proper SEO planed activities , get back links and increase visibilty of site.

submit your site url in high page rank site and pramote it social network site.

well, i think you need to get more involved towards the forums, yahoo answers and social media awarness !!

to increase traffic you need to check how much backlinks your site have.
check your competitors backlinks and submit on those sites.
do social bookmarking
article/blog writing.

Submit all of your pages to the Google index - for free.
Find out how Google sees your site.
Find out which queries drive traffic to your site.
Get re-included.

Submit all of your pages to the Google index - for free.
Find out how Google sees your site.
Find out which queries drive traffic to your site.
Get re-included.

1.Be Present on Social Media
2.Write a Guest Blog
3.Actively Take Part in Forums
4.Comment on Blogs
5.Write Articles

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