Hi everyone. I have been doing SEO of a travel related website for 4 months. For 2months it shows improvemnets regarding traffic but now indexing as well as traffic are getting lower. Now can you please help me out what should i do further for generating more traffic?

As per my knowledge Forum, Blog, Article submissions and Press Release helps to get high Page Rank and increase traffice on your site.

Try to create more backlinks by making submissions in High PR directories, forums, blogs, web 2.0.. Submiting press release and article submission.for traffic you can also go for the SMO(Social Media Optimization).

Promote your website on social networking sites, do directory submission for your website, do blog comments on high PR website and also do Social bookmarking for your website.This techniques help you to increase traffic on your website.

When you will involve in SMO then it would be prove nice thing to get number of traffic.

High PR submission in directories, forums, blogs as well as press release and articles sites. you can also get the traffic form social media i.e from facebook, linked in, twitter, Google +.

concentrate more on forums and blog creation

To increase traffic there are the following steps that one should take-
1- Focus on the tail
2- Stick around
3- optimize your articles
4- Dont forget about link building
5- Use google's keyword toolbar
6- Provide amazing values to your reader
7-Decrease bounce rate.

Try social bookmarking, forum posting, locan business listing this helps to get more traffic for your website

To increase web traffic, work on the content. It should be original enriched with quality. Use of social media and quality back links also help in bringing traffic. Get your website optimized through SEO to increase search engine ranking. Offer freebies to attract customers. Blog posting, commenting and article submission also brings better results

Below are some tips:

• Offer free, original, and quality content on your site
• Supplement your original content.
• Trying to get more backlinks on your website
• Improve your search engine ranking
• Use social media

Just check your backlinks. Are your backlinks relevent? If not remove them and do seo friendly work. You can also do SMM to get the traffic to your website.

focus on having great content with great visuals + social media

You must check webmaster tool to know about website information and also backlinks. If there are broken link in your site or errors then you should remove all unnecessary work. Social Media Marketing will be helpful to you regarding to increase traffic to your site.

Social media capign is a great way to increase the traffic for your web site.

One of the easiest and simplest ways to incresae traffic of any web page is to do social bookmarking and if you are having difficulties in finding a good list of social bookmarking websites then you should visit www(dot)social-bookmarking-sites-list(dot)com

Consider hiring an SEO professional or working with a company that gets your sites ranked higher in the search engines. Many forums have services like these advertised and they have many reviews.

My suggestion to increase traffic to your website is Offer free, original, and quality content on your site.Try to get more backlinks by doing all seo techniques on your website this may help to increase the traffic.

  1. Submit all of your pages to the Google index - for free.
  2. Find out which queries drive traffic to your site.
  3. Website enhancements.
  4. Find out how Google sees your site.

put relevant and informative content,do seo activities,try to get backlinks,keyword management,article posting are the some of the steps for good traffic

relevant and informative content,keyword management,try to get more backlinks,article posting,forum posting as well as social media

Just do site submission, social book markings... If your blog is strong in on-page. Then go with off-page. Concentrate on creating more valid back links for your blog site. Get some SEO tools from online.

Off page SEO will help you hugely... Link building, press releases, forum posting etc

To increase web traffic, work on the content. It should be original enriched with quality. Forum,blog posting,Scial media are best techniques for the increase traffic to the website....

seo activities,forum posting,directory submission,bookmarking sites,social media,blogs comment,article posting,with seo activities try to get the backlinks.

oh ....nice fastrecruitment that strategy will definitely work

Do SMO for all your sites links...

  1. Social Media Marketing (Fb,G+,etc)

  2. Forum posting and Blog commenting

  3. Content Marketing (Unique Content)

Do more social media optimization to get more traffic for site

Hire SEO professional

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