We have a new site but I don't know how to bring my site google top rank.I have no idea about google rank.Would you tell me what should i do in this situation.For check I am giving my site url https://www.cubancigarexpert.com/ . Please tell me soon and help me with good advice..

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Well, its depend upon your website or your business..for any website or business the minimum time taken to bring the result is 3 to 4 months..

If you will use smart techniques for site ranking then site will rank quickly and other wise it will take time around about 3 months at lest.

if your keyword low competition in 3 days you will on top SERP but if your keyword is highly competition you need more and more backlink for takedown your rival keyword

For the best ranking, avoid using common, highly-searched terms. You simply cannot compete with the larger websites in this area. For instance, you will never beat Expedia for the term "travel."

As an example, instead of using "travel" as a Keyword, if you specialize in tours of Bali, use something more specific like "local guided tours of bali"

In general, the more specific your Keyword Phrase is, the better.

It depends upon the type of a website , the no. of pages in website and contents in website. according to that we can specify the time to rank the keywords on Google top SERP.

Nearly 4 months time for getting your keywords in the serp
but it will take some years for getting page rank for your site

To rank your site you have to do on page optimization and off page optimization on your website. To rank your website minimum 3 to 4 months are required.

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