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can you please share some informations about the usage of guidelines in seo process..

before you read up on the two links that hoverportmedia provided, which the Google one is good...

the first, most important component in your bag of SEO tools is that you have to most definately, no questions about it...have good, quality, unique and fresh, relevant content. This is the most important component.

Of course, you after the content, you want to follow the most common SEO techniques to ensure that your unique, awesome content is being easily read and picked up by web spiders and indexed quickly.


Before starting the SEO process you need to follow Gooogle webmaster guidelines like Content and design, technical guidelines, Quality guidelines, this guidelines helps to rank your website on google smoothly.


Technical guidelines, Quality guidelines and Design and content guidelines are webmaster guidelines. We must follow these guidelines while doing SEO.


For SEO,both onpage optimization and offpage optimization plays an imporatnt role..Before starting link building activities we should do onapge optimization properly..


hi first develop your website by using on-page optimization its the most important in seo then ofter you go for off-page optimization like link builiding and try to update your like page in social networking sites and ofter you completing on-page optimization just rectify your code errors by using w3c validator suite.

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