Hello all!!
I am new to SEO, and after searching and reading articles and tutorials about SEO. I found that recently, after the Google Penguin algorithm was updated, many websites dropped because of the low quality backlinks on their websites. As a solution, I read that categorizing backlinks into Low quality and High quality is a good way to filter them. In order to know the quality of the website, we have to check it's Page rank (PR).
Based on this solution, I recently checked an example of a site having many backlinks. So I've downloaded these backlinks. For example:


To filter the list, I want to check for the quality of its links, which is the Page rank.

My questions are:
1 - Should I check the page rank of the main page of the domain:

http://www.example.com                                         PR:2

Or I should check each page for it's Page rank:

http://www.example.com/index.php?page=something                PR:0
http://www.example.com/f/                                      PR:0

2 - Is page rank the only measure for link quality ?

Thank you

Only page rank is not important, you are also having the high quality and orignal content in the website. other wise Google humming bird update affects your site.

best way is to check yourself. go to the website and see if the content is good and unique and check the ranking of the websites in google for particular keywords.

better way to do it, is to search for a keyword you want to rank and then take th top websites on first 1o pages as your link partners

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