Hi Webmasters:

I have been online a few years and still can not understand clearly about how SEO works.

I write at least 3 articles to post on my blog for one site and submit to 7 social bookmarking sites.
At the same time write 3 different articles to submit to about 30 article directories for this site.

Each article directory I will have 3 links multiply by 30 = 90 links.

However, this site does not get indexed for some keywords. My site is about 2 years old.

I also have another site that I use the same method and write ONLY 1 article a month and do the same.
This site gets good traffic for some keywords than that other site that I write 3 articles monthly.


Why is that? I do not understand how SEO works.

Please advice.

Your comment/suggestion is appreciated.

Thanks very much and have a nice day.

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Content is king

Search engines index the content of a website, and the more content you have,
the better. Add relevant content to your website. I mean, if your website sells dogs and cats, you can add reviews on the dogs and cats have. This will also
attract potential buyers to your website. Usually dog lovers do research first before they buy online.

Use keywords in text

In order to target keywords in searches, use the same keywords in the text.
For example, an article on Web Standards-based layout will use the keywords
design and standards and layout instead of using architecture and templates.
However, using the keywords repeatedly does not help either.

Also, while talking about the importance of quality content, get the keyphrases into image-names.jpg, web-page-names.php, image alt and anchor title attributes complete sentences, Headings, Titles, Descriptions, internal links etc. As mentioned previously, avoid excessive repetition of the keyphrase; use Keyphrase Dynamicability (vary prefixes, suffixes, use plural forms, abbreviations, synonymous keyphrases etc.).

Is there anything to do with category that are created by us on our blogs. As when i am posting content in my seo category it is getting indexed next hour but if i am posting a article in general category, it is not indexed.. So what you suggest?

you need links with kw in anchor on pages with pr. that will surely increase your rankings.

Keyword rankings depend on traffic & competition on it in search engines. I think the first one is more competitive and article content is not so effective to increase ranking on your targeted keyword.

Increase some seo tactics

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