What is the page authority ? and how to increase any website page authority ?

Page authority is the metric tool developed by the SEOmoz. Page authority uses 0 to 100 logarithmic value. If you have a more value you have a more potential to rank on the Google. Facebook has a 100 page authority.
They determine the value on the number of linking root domains, quality of the incoming links etc.

Hi johmny,

I believed it's 0 to 10.


Hi pelle
It is page rank between the 0 to 10, page authority is 0 to 100. You can check the page authority at the moonsy tool.

Usually, the term "page authority" refer to google page rank which is from 0 to 10
An "authority page" is usually a page that has a PR of 5 or higher

Page Authority is an indicator of how well an individual page of a website will appear in the search engine results. The score is rated from 0 - 100, with 0 being the lowest and 100 being the highest which indicates that the higher the Page Authority score, the higher your website will appear in the search engine results.

Page authority is decided, on a page availability in search engine with keywords and backlinks.

Page Authority will be calculated by MOz Analytics. Try to search in moz.com for tips. Because this tool was developed by moz.com

Page authority is a indicator that how well your webpage is appearing in SERP. It is measured fron 0-100 logarithmic value and it keep on fluctuating. The increase in Page Authority depends on quality and relevancy of your content and if you links with high PR webpages your apge authority will surely increases.

Page authority is how good your page is for SERP resulta..

Page Authority defines the profitablity of that a specific page from your site found on the internet. It is scaled between 0 to 100.

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