10 ways to promote your website

1. Post newsgroups
2. Press releases
3. Email to VIPs
4. Article submission
5. Reciprocal Links
6. Forum Posting
7. Directory submission
8. Tell everyone with whom you communicate
9. Post adds to free advertising website
10. Blogging

What is most important here ?

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Practically everything you suggest are methods used by desperate Internet marketers who haven't the skills neccessary to optimized web pages effectively.

I think forums gives good traffic. A good reputation on a reputed and busy forum is very good to promote sites.

I like blogging along with with web 2.0 out of all those options.

And yes social bookmarking. It can give you rush load of traffic.

From the list i think Blogging is the only method i liked and prefer. Others cannot bring you good traffic.

i found article submission and press release more effective rather than others

i found article submission and press release more effective rather than others

Have you ever used this method? I truly think that press release is just a waste of time. If you are doing submissions to free sites then it will not bring any hits to you, but paid press release sites do work well.

Link Exchange is a risky technique and can put you in lots of trouble. It is better to avoid link exchange.

Before doing all those promotion be sure to have quality content for your site..

I opt for articles, blogs and forums. Social media services (Digg, Twitter). But the best strategy is simply analize your competitors' backlinks.

I prefer blogging from your list, but they are very good tips for the beginner

All the above method you have given works good, but the best and natural way to get the visitors is to write unique and interesting articles that will attract the webmasters to link to your site.

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