Can we select specific location while setting PPC campaign?

Yes, you can select specific location while setting PPC campaign. When you fill the form for setting campaign using google adwords we can select specific location.

Which advertising company are you working with?

I worked with Galore Technology as a PPC Expert. You can set specific location in PPC.

Yes you can set locations. Also you can narrow your campaign reach by ages, interest.

Yeah sure, set with geographic locations to your ads are running.

In google adwords there is an option to set your geographical area/location for your campaigns.

check with that please

Of course. With ppc you can get higly targeted visitors. But i thinbk that many webmasters doing things wronbg way. You can first researching everything you need to knowe about your product you wilĨl promote, then you can select and target almost anything. I urge to you, to read some start with ppc guide. You can find few best ones on google search or warrior forum to.

Yes, we can set specific location