Hi Guys.
What are the types of PPC?
Please explain with briefly.
And please what are the alternative methods for PPC.

Thanks & Regards

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I'm not much of a PPC fan but seeing that your question has been left unanswered for a couple of days I did a bit of research for you.

There seems to be three distinct types of PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising.

  • Search Based PPC
  • Content Network PPC
  • Demographic Based PPC

This article entitled 3 Types of PPC by LucidLead clearly explains each.

infolinks and googleadsense

thanks for sharing

In my view of points , text ads , search ads ,Display ads.

PPC is PPC, it has many options to go with but i don't think that it has any kind. :)

PPC is a single abbreviation of pay per click. When people click on your ad, you have to pay. Text ads, Banner/Image Ads, Video ads. These are basic types of ads.

Search , Display , Text ads ..

Paid Search
Google display network
paid social
- were the types of ppc

There are no types of PPC. Its single , although it has many options to deal with.

About PPC i just only know that PPC means pay per click. means first advertiser have to pay to the google for dispakting advertise.

If any one know full brief ans please share here....

There are two types like search , display ads.

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