some of classified websites do not receive link so what way to give link on body

Some classified sites do accept any outbond link so any other way to give links

tried ahref tag but not accepted in many forums, but direct URLs are accepted in many as a separate field maybe not in a few

Most of the classified sites have option for links apart from them you can add links in the description part as well.

Ya maney site not allow site link at the time we highlate the our site name at the place...

In many classified Sites all ready link option is avilable there with that option you can provide link and if not then when you provide description about your advertise at that time provide your website link. And with ahref tag also can provide link.

different sites have some different ways to add the link so you should have to first know about the whole sites and add the links a/c to the sites.

You can find a space where you can put your links on, every classified website has its own way. But I am sure you can it out in the classified site.