I want to know which one is more useful to get traffic? I am running a sports realted website?

Still Facebook is the Traffic gainer on my website compare than twitter.

well, you just can't comment on this one both of the sites are authorative and interms of traffic both of them a almost equal. For some people facebook is their traffic gainer and for some people facebook is traffic gainer. And if I talk about myself twitter is our traffic gainer.

I think Facebook i more effective to get traffic. Because amount of users in Facebook is greater than Twitter.

Twitter is leading over Facebook as traffic generator for me. It is "Short, Sweet and Simple" for me. However, it depends upon, how do you use these sites.

i think Facebook gain more traffic than Twitter.

I am now using both Facebook and twitter. Seeing from Google Analytics, Facebook bring much more traffic than Facebook, and the conversion rate for Facebook traffic is much higher than Twitter.

PS: I post nearly the same content to my Facebook and Twitter but the result is different.

Hi @Talukdar01,
They are both If your using your personal account, you may use both facebook and twitter at the same time.. Just connect your facebook account to your twitter account or vice versa..

You just have to be patient and invest more time. Goodluck! :)

The spam/content threshold on facebook and twitter is very low
links to your site, without contextual reason, have a rapid negative effect
& will trip search bot algorithms
you won't know until SER disappear
+1WebOutGateway's "be patient"

good results take more time than results