Hi i have facebook pages per day i get 5 are 6 likes only how can i increase a likes give some idea

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Post things that people will like. Do know your facebook friends or do you have 1000s just for the sake of having a lot? If you know most of them then you should know what they like or don't like. If you have 1000s just for the sake of having FB friends then really it's hit or miss.

You can promote your page for a small amount per week.

ok i can spend some of amount to increse my facebook likes but only 5 or 6 likes per day can you tell some of the payment sites to increse my fb likes

Facebook do it.

there are many websites that provide such facility at free of cost

i also want to know this trick that how to improve likes for my fb pages and for your information for smo you should use groups not page

you can also contact some their parties who expertised in doing social media marketing.

Facebook do it auto...

These all things are depend on how large social newtwork you have for the try to add more and more frinds in social network then it will give some good result.


you can do that by joining and posting your thoughts on same thematic groups in facebook, join groups, start polling, and if you want more than this you can create facebook paid ads.

hope this helps

Hello Dude,

The more people you engage the chances are for reaching maximum people for reading your articles. Facebook likes good to improve your ranking.

i hope it will give you idea somewhat.


Do like and make comments on such posts and pages where there are many comments and likes are given. so if you like and make reply on such posts then all the peoples can see your comment and come on your page and like your page, only if your comment was informative.

You have an option in your face page to promote your page. for that you have to pay some amount.

hello friend i am facing same problem for FB likes .Me too get hardly 5 to 6 like in day..then i have try buy FB likes option from FB only..and it's work somewt.

If you want genuine likes on facebook then tou try to like some other pages where there are maximum comments and replies are available. try to like or comment on that so the peoples come to know about you. if you want any kind of like then addmefast, like4 like this are the best tools.

Hi @Vinothkumarspyke,

Since you are already gaining 5-6 likes per day, what do you think are the posts that allow you to have increase in likes? List down these strategies that you perform according to their effectiveness. It is good to to continue performing the strategies that you think are attracting likes on your page.

Also, if you're willing to spend some money to increase facebook likes, investing on Facebook Ads is better than paying for likes from payment sites that are possibly not genuine and not into engagements. After all, what you are really after in your Facebook campaign is not only the number of likes, but also the relationship you can get with your Facebook fans.

Hi Vinoth,

There are many free websites where you can exchange likes. Also you should join facebook like exchange groups.

post informative articles , news on your page. tag your friends in your post as well as share the post in relavant groups. this helps to increase the page likes as well as talking about this.

Geting likes on facebook postings is a netural process and it depends upon the popularity, interest and knolwledge level of post. However, by mailing to your friends list, you may ask to like the post. Just shoot out hundreds of mail with post link asking to like the post.

just increase your facebook friends and invites them to your fanpage to get extraordinary likes

*Add a Like Button or box to your blog
*Add a Like Button to your website header
*Target something people are crazy about
*Write a great title
*Write compelling copy
*Make your facebook cover relevant
*Show the buzz on your page

You can promote your page on facebook with little amount. If want it popular without any money than increase your friend network.

facebook likes depends on the popularity,interest and knowledge about that post,share or post some interesting and informative posts that should be relevant

create a page and invite your friend for like this page.

Post new and intersting things especially in the form of images.
And keep your profile updated and post fresh content on a regular basis.

Promote it properly

post good and attractive articles containing relevant information.tag your friends in your post as well as share the post in relavant groups. this helps to increase the page likes

firstly go for making more and more friends with some strategy,post informative and attractable pics or links containing content,daily update your profile with some relevant things

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