Can we get do follow links from facebook & twitter?

Yes, Facebook and Twitter gives the Dofollow links.

Yes, we can create dofollow links from facebook and twitter.

I dont know but all are saying yes then may be social media provies do follow links.

No. I don't think Facebook and twitter give do follow links.

yes!! social networking site are also play an important role in online marketing through incresaing your facebook and twitter like or share you can promote your product or services and it will definately increase your page rank on google.

yes facebook twitter gives do follow links.

How we will get those links from Social Networking sites.

Check the HTML source and you'll discover Facebook and Twitter links are marked as rel='nofollow'. They are not 'do follow links'.

The same is true for DaniWeb.

In fact most sites that allow guest posting mark links as 'nofollow' to deter spammers. Links marked as 'nofollow' will not pass page rank.

You can get the no follow links when you share or tweet the any links on your profile.

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