Hi friends how to increase facebook likes...?? Is there any default sites to increase likes for our concern FB fanpages. If it is so share the links plz

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Fiverr is great to get you started, but the old fashioned way is still the most effective.

Addmefast[dot]com is a good way to increase your likes.....

I'm using Addme fast tool for increse the facebook page like.

There are many tools to increase the facebook likes..

In face book you can collect more friends and posting valid and attract post in fan page also, You can collect more friends there are some tools available this blog:- seolearnersguide.weebly.com

I also want to increase facebook like but don't want to use any tool or website. Please share manual ways for it.

we have a lot of free tools for get the fb likes.

There are tools to increase fb likes, but it wont be targeting your audience.The likes would be decreasing everyday and it wont last longer then genuine likes.

Yes there are some tools and websites which can increase your likes, i have not used any so no link :(

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