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google dont publish their algorithm,
Google do advise anybody who asks how to remain compliant with their algorithm, in a round-about way.
google webmaster tools provides all kinds of advice, from google, about how google sees your site, and what is good or bad
individualised reporting


The objective of panda 4.0 was to lower the serps of websites having thin and low quality content.As of now i havent received any information of sites losing their rankings.It would take some time i guess.I have heard some site owners complaining about the keywords rankiing position.Just have to wait and see.


After Google Hummingbird, my website was pulished by Google and I am still on my way to fix the problems to deal with Google Hummingbird, now the panda 4.0 has alraedy come, I really don't know what to do ~~~~~

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i recommend you to follow rand fish and matt's

Yeah, I had heard that a softer Panda algorithm was coming for a very long time. Totally missed it when it did. Either way, we didn't recover from the hit we took in November 2012.


I think the google algorithm is skewed; (screwed)
The 'best' results in Google for programming Q are other pages that link(farm) to the answer on DaniWeb.
The answer, is not in the 'best' search results


We've been steadily going down over the past few weeks. I haven't noticed a significant drop off the week[end] that Panda 4.0 was announced, but I think it's just our usual tapering off for the summer.

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