Hello everybody

can anybody tell me how to start search engine optimization for a site with zero rank step by step.
Thanks and regards

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Do the following:
0) Use Good Keywords to select appropriate target keywords.
Use moderately searched keywords
1)Use appropriate title in the pages.
2)Use the keywords in metatags
3)Use them in body text.
4)Bolden, italisize or emphasize the keywords
5)Use alt tags in images to insert keywords
6)Submit your site to directories. Around 100 directories should do.
7)Join link exchange programs and exchange links with relevent sites
8)Open blogs on blogger and blog on relevent topics. Place links to your site on the blog(s). Comment on others blogs.
9)Join in forums and make relevent posts to get backlinks.
10) Develop and Update CONTENT, CONTENT, CONTENT.

Hope this helps.

Write to me if you have any doubts.

Before you write one line of code:

  • Do keyword research to determine what keywords you want to target

While constructing your website you should do the following:

  • Use markup to indicate the content of your site
    • Optimize your <title> tags on each page to contain 1 - 3 keywords
    • Create unique Meta Tags for each page
    • Use header tags appropriately (H1 > H2 > H3)
    • Use <strong> and <em> tags if appropriate
  • Optimize your URLs
  • Optimize your content
    • Use keywords liberally yet appropriately throughout each page
    • Have unique content
    • Have quality content
  • Use search engine friendly design
    • Create a human sitemap
    • Do not use inaccessible site navigation (JavaScript menus)
    • Minimized outbound links
    • Kept your pages under 100K in size
  • Design the navigational structure of the site to channel PR to main pages (especially the homepage)
  • Create a page that encourages webmasters to link to your site
    • Provide them the relevant HTML to create their link to you
    • Provide them with any images you may want them to use (although text links are better)
  • Make sure your website is complete before launching it

Immediately after launching your site you should do the following:

  • Submit your site to all major search engines
    • Google (Use a Google SiteMap)
    • Yahoo (Use the page list option)
    • MSN (Finds your site via incomming links)
    • Ask (Finds your site via incomming links)
  • Submit your site to all free directories
  • Submit your site to relevant directories
  • Begin a link building campaign (attempting to get keywords in the link anchor text)
    • Put a link to your website in your forum signatures
    • Reply to relevant blog posts (Don't spam please)
    • Submit articles to relevant websites

If you will pay to promote your website:

  • Submit your site to pay directories
  • Purchase text links from high PR (Pagerank) sites related to your site

Finally, as part of an ongoing strategy:

  • Continually update your website will quality, unique content
  • Continually seek free links preferably from sites in your genre

Do NOT do the following:

  • Make an all Flash website (without an HTML alternative)
  • Use JavaScript for navigation
  • Spam other websites for incomming links
  • Launch your site before it is done
  • Use duplicate content
    • Point several domains to one site without using a 301 redirect
  • Use markup inappropiately
    • Style <H>eader tags to look like regular text
    • Hide content using 'display: hidden' (for the sake of hiding text)
  • Use other "black hat" techniques (unless you accept the risk - Banning)
    • Doorway/Landing pages
    • Cloaking
    • Hidden text
    • Keyword stuffing

Additional Tips:

  • Usable and accessible sites tend to be search engine friendly by their very nature
  • Be patient! High rankings don't happen overnight
  • Don't obsess with any one search engine. They are all worth your attention.

In other words you have SEO in mind before you start your website. And only submit once you have a complete website.

To be considered: Build an rss feed for your website, update it regularly. Then submit it to feed directories. Make your rss feed title as eye catching as possible. Soon or later, there would be scrapped by another sites interested in your feed's theme. The result is you get many backlinks.

Optimizing new site is realy a good job. Bcoz we can apply all our ideas to promote......... To get rankings concentrate more in oneway links!!!!!!:rolleyes:

Hello everybody

can anybody tell me how to start search engine optimization for a site with zero rank step by step.
Thanks and regards
anybody interested in mail me directly, them mail me at ashi@seogains.com


Very simple!


Read this you will become a junior SEO expert :)

All the best !


Very simple!


Read this you will become a junior SEO expert :)

All the best !


Yes, to rank a site up, first you need to analyze every thing, the theme of your website, your targeting keywords etc.,

Build each web page by setting a theme and optimize it for appropriate keywords.

Learn how to do ORGANIC optimization and study the updates then and there because SE's may change its algorithm frequently!

Kudos on your post, stymiee!

commented: i want to start as a seo what i have to do give details +0

I'm a junoir about SEO too...
so i want to say THANK YOU for all of your advise ...

I'll try to improve my website by using their advise ..........

2bejiw .........................

Its very nice to see the posts answering SEO. The concept behind ranking well in the search engines is to get more and more quality backlinks from relevant sites. Thats the funda of SEO.

Do dashes make that large of an impact over using underscores? A question since you mentioned it above, stymiee.

Do dashes make that large of an impact over using underscores? A question since you mentioned it above, stymiee.

For Google, yes. Yahoo and MSN, no.

i am software engineer i want to start as a seo please send details .i dont know abc of it

Step by step is a pretty tall order. It's like trying to recite a book step by step.

In a nutshell, however, seo is only 4 basic steps:

1. keyword research
2. on-page optimization
3. off-page optimization
4. tracking results

It's the same no matter what Page Rank your website has.

Firstly, targeting right keywords for your niche;
Secondly, using your keywords according to below guidance:
I would like to recommend "search engine ranking factors" from seomoz.org. :)


First of all, you have to make sure that you are fine with ONSITE SEO setup, with the keywords, meta description, content and etc.

Then, you have to focus on OFFSITE SEO, that is link building, for that there are many ways, such as blog commenting, social bookmarks, forums posting, article submissions, profile creations, using web properties 2.0 sites, link exchange and etc.

SEO has changed a bit since 2006.

I like all the tips cited in here. Actually, I only know few of those tips but would like to try the other details. I know this can really help us in improving our site.

Every one has good sharing with us thanks a lot.

Hello everybody

can anybody tell me how to start search engine optimization for a site with zero rank step by step.
Thanks and regards

For just some simple ways to SEO, contact us on our PM.

good post stymiee. i recomand a more deep though service for a new website , since you can broke the link

- Off Page Optimization –
- dofollow Social Bookmarks. 4h
- directory submission ( 7000 data base of free directories ) 4h
- forum postings for expected niche or posted in high PR forums 4h
- dofollow blog comments ( high PR ) 8h
- article creation and submission in Top 25 article directories 6h
- press release session 4h
- competitive link-building that will provide you placement in Top 10 Google. 10 h
- One way link building ( blog comments, web2.0, angela & pauls method ) 10 h (next week ).
- Link wheels programs.
- Link building combinations.
- Permanent one way contextual link.
- RSS Submission.

Stick with the white hat that moderator suggest and never touch the black hat technique,it will wasting your time doing all that black stuff for your site, the risk is too high and I dont want you to feel guilty about it

do some on page and start building links with your targeted traffic ..you should be done

stymiee is on the money with that advice. I agree with all of it and the layout and sequencing is excellent too.

Another action you might consider is to register with Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics, Yahoo Siteexplorer and Bing Webmaster. Add some ID code to the page header in your template (which they supply), to confirm to them that you're the owner of that site. That way you can build a 'stable' of trusted sites and you, the administrator become the trusted party. Recent submissions I have made, have been indexed more quickly as a result.

Also - Google Webmaster and Analytics are good at drawing attention to 'long tail keywords'. People accessing your site by longer word combinations that are more specific, and less targetted by competitors - with smaller traffic streams. What also happens is that you can stumble upon unlikely and unexpected bonuses.

I added a page on a recent site, explaining social bookmarking, even though the site is nothing to do with it. But it was fairly in-depth and I started to get significant visitors who came by way of that page, but stayed to look at a lot more. It was a happy accident, but the analytics alerted me to it.

1 Install WordPress, Theme and Plugins
2 Extra Tweaking with Page Rank Sculpting
3 Create content on Daily basis
4 Promotion on Forums

Nice one that panda website

This thread has very good information, thanks.

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