What seo tools you use most?

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There are many free tools available for seo.
I prefer,
(1) Google webmaster tool
(2) smallseotools(dot)com
(3) siteprice(dot)org
(4) Bing webmaster tool

Google webmaster tools is the best SEO tool for me. Besides it I use SEO quake, ahrefs and Google analytics as well.

Your question is not little clear. What types of SEO tools you are talking about?
Are you talking about Google Webmaster Tools?
Do you want to know about Google Adwords Tool?
Google Analytics Tool?
Google Adsense Tool?
Keyword planner tool?

or any other? There are different tools for every thing like if you want to know your website health report then google webmaster tool, for traffic purposes, google analytics is an option, to know best targeted keywords, google keyword planner tool. There are different online seo tools that are helpful in SEO purposes.

We have so many regular tools used in the SEO. There are Robo Form, Inform Enter, Google Web Master, Google Analytics, Keyword Planner, etc…

Google webmaster tool
Back link watch
Google adwords tool
These are the best tool for SEO.

Please mention your work that check on tool.

(1) Keyword analysis
(2) Competitor analysis
(3) Site analysis
(3) Page speed analysis
(4) SERP checking
(4) Contenet analysis
(5) SEO friendly site analysis

I am agree with Daljeet kaur that Your question is not little clear. What types of SEO tools you are talking about?
Because in seo many tools are used for various tasks like for analytic we use analytic tool. To check the backlinks of site we use backlinkwatch tool. To check the error in our website we can use google webmaster . In seo various tools are used to check sites.

  1. Google webmaster tool (To check over all performance of website)
  2. Google Keyword Planner (To keyword research)
  3. Google analytics & Statcounter (To check traffic)
  4. Ahrefs (To check backlinks)
  5. SEO Quake (To check Inbound and outbound links)
  6. Moz tool (To check PA and DA)
  7. Alexa tool (To check Alexa rank)

For Social Media Management and analysis:
• Hootsuite
• Buffer

Keyword Rank Checker
• Google Page Speed

Backlink Research Tools
• Majestic SEO

Keyword Analysis Tools
•Google Keyword Planner

Link Management Tool
• Raven Tools

Now these day Google webmaster tool and Google analystic tool is best for full website optimization. But, another we use other many of tools for testing website reputation and their SEO steps. Below are tools used by me for my website analyst.
Google AdWords Keyword Tool, Keyword Planner tool, Wordtracker, Keyword Discovery, Bing Keyword Research Tool,SEO Quake

there are many tools for seo available on
there are many sites for seo tools.

There are dozens of seo tool
webmaster tool
raven seo tool
linkdex tool

Google webmaster tool
Seomoz tool bar
webrank tool bar

Webmaster tools , google analytics , seo centro , semrush , wordtracker .

There are some online plugin for SEO which help you most to decrease your work effort. these are the best plugin for SEO is SEO Quake, Autofill, SEO Book Keyword Tool, Keyword Discovery and Webrank toolbar.

Well, If I talk about myself then I usually don't use any tools other than the Google's tool i.e. Google Keyword Planner and Google Analytics.

Best SEO Tools are:-
1. Screaming Frog
2. SEO MOFO – Snippet Optimizer
3. Netpeak
4. Outreachr
5. Ahrefs
6. Opensite Explorer
6.1 Moz Toolbar
7. SEO SERP Workbench (for Google Chrome)
8. Rank Checker (for Firefox)
9. Cognitive SEO
10. SEO Analysis with Seoptimer
11. SeoTools for Excel
12. Majestic SEO
13. Buzz Stream

Google keyword planner
Google analytics
Google webmaster tools

there are many tools, but I prefer ahrefs

@aidan29 well ahrefs is another great piece of art but what about Google Webmaster tool I guess you may have missed it ! :P

Wayback Machine
enu Link Sleuth
SEO Quake

Besides Google webmasters/analitics/keywords tools try using one of free FireFox addons like webrank seo toolbar or SEO site tools or searchstatus etc. they are good to check on competition stats.

My SEO tools list (the best I believe):
Market Samurai + Keyword Planner for keyword research
Scrapebox for scraping backlink resources
Serpbook for rank tracking
IBP for creating link building report

Mostly I use screaming frog etc. but I think I'm gonna start using some others from this article, they might be very helpful

Google formal place on web page owner best methods really has not modified much over the years. What has modified is the look for engine's capability to implement these recommendations through enhanced methods. The execution of Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird has had a powerful effect on the SEO scenery.

Google's He Cutts has pointed out that no one should be amazed when a web page that has not followed the recommendations is punished. What Cutts looks over or selects to neglect is something that I have known as the "Google Paradox". I suspicious the Search engines paradox is the main cause for one dark hat community participant showing his wish to "punch He Cutts in the face

Google Webmaster Tools
Google Analytics Tools
Google Keyword Planner

There is no doubt that the GOOGLE web master tool and GOOGLE analytics tools are the best for the successful SEO process.

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