Please review my site and give valuable inputs and suggestions about SEO.

1.Found few images with missing ALT attribute.
2.W3C validation needed.
3.Estimated number of pages indexed by Bing less than 10
4.URL Canonicalization needed.(Domain name with WWW and without can be considered as different pages causing duplicate content for search engines).
5.IP Canonicalization needed- your site's IP does not redirect to website.
Backlinks are very few.
6.Less Engagement in Social Media.

Upon clicking the link to load the page, it took a few seconds for the server to return a response. That can't be good for user experience. I imagine most people won't wait, nor will Google.

1). Poor Meta tittle
2). You have not used your Meta Keyword section in an efficient way
3). No Canonical Tag
4). Description is not optimized as per the keyword set
5). Sites fails the HTML 5 Vailidation test
6). is not redirecting to

and many other things that you need to optimize in your site from SEO point of view

Poor title
Description have repeated word furniture-its not good
Showing duplicate issue. Seems you have submitted same content to various sites and then added to your home page.
Image Alt tag is missing for few images
There 409 inline CSS styles
Site loading speed is too slow
URL canonicalization error

Check your site on page tool :---

Think your website is taking too much time to load more than 11 sec which is not good from Seo perspective. Use image compression tools punypng or JpegMini to reduce the load time
Some of the images don't have dimensions.Also, Minify javascript and don't use inline CSS.

In meta tags, use meta-geo tags which specifies your lattitudes, longitudes, distance, region and various factors related to your region

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