hey all the genious member of this forum.please give me the more useful tips.
i have a website which page rank is 3.its shows on third page of google when i search with "auto dialer software" key words i want my website come in page 1 of google search engine.
please give me suggestion how this is possible.this is possible through SEO?if possible how many times required? and how i do SEO? please also tell me low budget advertisement plane i can spend $300 per month for my website it comes on page one.

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Nobody suggest you exact time to rank no.1 in SE. So work continue in SEO for generate quality backlinks that generate traffic and divert to your site.
Focus on social media that generate direct backlinks to your site.
Social bookmarking, forum posting, question-answer, blog commenting also plays a major role to boost your site rank.

want my website comes in first page

Don't we all :)

But, yeah, read up about Internet marketing and SEO. Work on making your site the best that it can be. Study in detail the sites that do rank higher than you and see what about them is better.

What has already been said, and look for periodicals in the related industry and investigate getting to write for them with an author bio box with a backlink for your website.

I can work for 200$ per month. Working in this fields from 3 years.

We all want our website on 1st page and 1st link (Top most)
But that is hard.

If you really want to do there also one more factor: SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
this will place your Website on 1st page.
the two link that comes before search as ads and beside (right side ads)

But here you have to pay to google.
But You will only pay if someone arrives from that link(ads)

(I will say for temp. purpose you should do this if you are creating professiinal website)
Bsides this: SEO and Social Media Marketing working...
This both are one of the parameter for google search engine.
- ------------------------------------------------------- -
Yesterday I read a topic that your Meta keywords: must be less but cover all parts. and type main keywors First then all later.
Search Engine does not capture all keywords. it captures the few keywors that are early.
you Should not add link in starting because its not keyword and so you will stay behind.
If you need to add link in description add at last

I read the full Blog on that just now i don't remember it..
Buts I highlight few this points.

If you want to know about your website (full seo structure)

Download Plugins for your browser: SEOQuake and webmaster Rank

So if you would like to be in the game why not you simply just implement proper SEO in your site On page and after that implement the best practise in off page and get the best results for your professional website design.

the best way you do is pay to google ,, hahahahaha you will be on top,, but doing good SEO slowly but surely your pageranks will be get better....

If you want permanent result then you have to choose SEO for your website. IF you want result for some duration, you can go with Google adwords.

Build links naturally and perform content marketing to earn the good quality links.Also make sure the on page factors are done perfectly since on page also pays a vital role in serps.

first of all you should include "auto dialer software keyword" in your content with looks naturally and after that change your meta tags of your web page. you stated that your website has page rank 3 in google, so its very easy to get your keyword in the first page result.
done some seo techniques like forum posting, press release submission, article and guest post submission in relevant website. this will take your website into first page result.

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