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I have checked that finally Google has updated Page Rank for websites.....SO now you can check your websites' Page Rank

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use any of the page rank extensions for your browser :P

i used http://www.prcheck.net/ in checking the Pr especially im helping Furniture Business Site of my friend.

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Are you trying to spam down your post with comments?? I don't think that any PR update has been seen because if it has then you must be getting updates over the MOZ and several sites like search engine land etc... I don't think it has been updated, none of my page has shown change over the page rank.

What are you trying to say i really did not get your point clearly.

i suggest the free moz extensions they are pretty good indicator at figuring out your page rank

Is this three years old post? If yes, then this post should be closed by a moderator!

I generally use google for ranking either in .com or .uk

John Mueller of Google have announced that there will be no update of page rank.

There is no pagerank update so far as you raised with the discussion

Thanks my all website ranks are constant no change in previous page rank.

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