What are the current algorithm announced by Google??...

What are the major activites of them??

Google announced the panda 4.0 update just a month before and it focusses on content quality.The main alogrithm use by google is difficult to analze and is kown only to the people who have implemented it.

Google makes use of many algorithms like Panda, which affect sites with low quality content, Penguin, which affects sites which do not follow Google guidelines, Humming bird, which replaces exact keyword match results with relevant serch results. The most recent ones are Panda and Payday loan algoithm. The Payday loan algorithm, affects spammy search queries.

Well I personally believe that all these algorithms are in running condition, they create new algorithm, every bot with such algorithm come and they give socre according to that!

Google have three algorithm use. First one is panda. The function of this algorithn is to stop sites with poor quality content. Second is penguin. The function of penguin is to catch the sites that deemed spammy. Last is hummingbird. The function of this algorithm is focus on the meaning of word. So, each Google algorithm have different function.

Google latest refresh algorithm was panda 4.0 .

Google publishes the NAME of the algorithm
the algorithm itself is better protected than any country's security data.

Code the site cleanly
Use original content
Link to quoted material
dont spam
dont cloak
dont keyword stuff

and dont get kicked in response to any of the above
easy peasy

Content is King

Google doesn't even go so far as to publish the name of the algorithm.

Google rolls out over 500 algorithm updates per year. That means the algorithm changes more than once every single day! Whenever there's a really big algorithm update, webmasters and SEOs band together in various Internet marketing forums trading stories of how their Google Analytics shifted, and that causes people to be able to try to piece together what happened.

For example, SEOs were able to deduce that there was some type of algorithm update that hit a lot of content farms at once, and therefore dubbed it the Farmer update. Weeks later, Google revealed that what the SEO community had caught onto and dubbed the Farmer update was internally called codename Panda because it was spearheaded by a Google employee whose last name was Panda.

Aside from some of the biggies, such as Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird, Google doesn't really mention algorithm updates by name, and they usually only do so when the SEO community pressures them into acknowledging that a blip on the radar was real.

The Recent update is Pigeon on July 24th

Every Google update increase the danger of negative SEO , Some black hat practioners are trying to target sucessful business for the sake of website ranking. Recently Google updated that SSL certificate will give a slight ranking benift.

Google latest update is called Google pigeon

Google pigeon update will going to impact local search. Up-date is primarily forced down internet sites not observed SE’s rules for ranking factors. Both organic local results, within Google map search, and Google web search got some effect on site.

The "Pigeon" name was coined by the folks at Search Engine Land and it is not an official name from Google.