I am trying to promote my website on google from last 3 months, but till now my keywords are not listed on google, literally felling helpless, please help me out my keywords are [Web design India] and [Wordpress Development Company]

For Seo i did:
article on alot of websites
blog commenting

almostbob commented: you made a serious error i judgement, posting on an active forum that you cannot accomplish any of what you promise to your customers -3

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google webmaster tools
google will tell you

Spamming this forum with multiple copies of your link will not get the desired result added to your company SER.

You offer search engine optimisation, and can't get into google.
You post that, here.
Daniweb has a quite high rank, anything here will do wonders for lowering your customer retention,
this thread will be high in google searches for OM WEB,

You posted that you are lying to all your customers..

dumb as a stump

hey almostbob, if you dont have enough khowledge regarding, so please dont share worthless reviews..

I stand by the comment, a huge judgement error:
posting links to your site in a thread asking basic assistance in fields you pretend to be competent enough to offer as service:
the post will be high in search results, further demonstrating ignorance of search engines
keywords: become less relevant with each iteration of the search algorithm, bots read semanticly, if you read "how google crawls the web" it may help

Do the beginner steps; get a google webmaster tools account
read google 101
submit your site
let google tell you precisely what to repair in your site to improve your site rank.
instructions, guesses, from anyone other than google are a bit anticlimactic

don't tell your paying customers (god help em) that this free service should be the first step for them, instead offer 'individualised genuine google reports'.

Try to do less work and which you do then try to do quality work. try to take petience result will surely come.

If your keyword not comes in rank after doing effort , then you have need to perform the website analysis ,check all your title and meta tags are same as per webmaster gidelines . check all the keyword are optimize on your website or not .Finally try more related keywords on your website .

I beilve post penguin updates things have chnaged now focus more on Guest Blogging and Commenting . Look for quality links instead of Quantity . Also you mentioned that main keyword is "Web Design India" I think competition on this keyword is very stiff.

Guest blogging and commenting no longer works, either.

For serch engine to improve rank of the website follow Google Algorithms properly also use sunique content on website.
Do regularly all off page SEO techniques.

Well, tell you what optimising a website takes time as its a time taking process you can't expect results that much fast and you're saying that its just 3 months, which i think is a little early. But what I doubt about is your work something seems wrong over here

For Seo i you did:
Directory (Directory submission is dead there is just no need of doing directory its outdated technique only yahoo and DMOZ directory submission is enough)

bookmarking (Bookmarking are you talking about social bookmarking?? If yes then keep on moving forward with it)

article on alot of websites (It should not be done I guess you haven't heard that article submission over article directories is considered as spamming. So better to clean the mess)

forums (you are doing the correct thing but tell me how you are building backlinks from forum just by dropping the link or you are getting backlinks from signature panel ???? )

blog commenting (Blog commenting is also somewhat "underconsideration" as blog commenting just to get the backlink is again considered as ...)

hey mate why don't you try the ping and the press release .it will definatelly work if its not then you have to check your site. and one more thing for new site minimum number of link are good because if any new site get maximum links in short time then google will give thta site a red flag and then may be penalty when your site get age then maximum links are beneficial.

Is your site newly created or old? How much competiotion on your targeted keyword? Give priority to low competition keyword that focus to regular keyword for ranking. Which type of daily work you do?
More submission does not mean that get rank faster on SE. Do quality work on daily basis.
And final, complete your on page optimization because it is lot of helpful to increase rank on SE.

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