I heard that Web3.0 have been released, can i get few lists. Web3.0 lists are good link building technique than web2.0 lists

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Here read this:


and this about 2.0


I believe web 3.0 has been around …

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what is this Wenb 3.0 ? What is web 2.0 ?Please share more details. I am waiting to know eagerly.

commented: seriously? You are a web designer and SEO specialist yet don't know what Web 2.0 is? Sheesh! -2
commented: your joking, right? -1

Thanks, yet not read fully. I would save it, thanks

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Web3.0 I not information.

Web 3.0 is an extension of Web 2.0. Sites have some additional features like: Image sharing,Video embanding etc.

I know about web 2.0 but Web 3.0 is new for mew. I will search and read about it.

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