which tool is useful to recover from the panda update

Hey deepanshu, Really great tool share by you. Its amazing and very helpful.

Well, seriously you still beleieve that you can clear your path by taking the help of the tool ??? I just don't think that and tell you what there isn't any tool which can do that the people spreading the rumours around just to make profit nothing else. Let me help you in saving you from panda penatly. This update was more and more focused on the content, if you have recieved the penatly then just take down the content that you currrently have, create a fresh content and update it over the site and this time make sure you haven't copied the content from the other websites, and then the pentaly you have recieved is going to be revoked.

I agree with @elly Burby, there is no tool to help you recover from panda update. You have to do it manually. Identify badlinks, follow Google's guidelines and then forward a reconsideration request via Google Webmaster tool. And when your website is finally Google friendly, I think that's the time you can recover from panda updates or any future Google updates.

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