Hey guys, how are you all, my website alexa rank increases day by day, please help me how can I get control over it,
Recently I have deleted some of my website pages, is that reason of increasing rank or any other?

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Hello amurtaza123,
Actually alexa traffic is not at all a countable one in the means of SEO, let it be and try to focus on other techniques to get high page rank.


You can try to improve it by using this intstrument https://www.alexamaster.net/Master/Profile/66143, this site operates as an exchange of Internet traffic among users with Alexa toolbar installed, and helps to improve the Alexa Rank, checked by me personally, for three days raised the site's ranking with 27 million to 4.9 million. SCR.png

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Well, If you want to decrease your alexa rank of your website, you have to increase your website's visitors and also try to get the good backlinks by the Off page SEO methods. For the improvement of website Alexa rank, Do both SEO and SMO.

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