Hi friends,

I have a own eCommerce website. Many customers regularly visit my site and purchase products. But for the past few months, the sales is decreased. Kindly provide suggestions to overcome this problem.

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start add on the other site or the use the blog and the article for the your site and the social site they all the site has the huge traffic that could work to get leads to your site


Hi @james Gordon!
Marketing your website thru social networking sites (like FB, Twitter, etc.) may surely help. Make sure to reach out with your target audience..

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I have integrated social media modules with my site. But still I am facing problem to get more traffic.


goto google webmaster tools, and get the answer, from the ones who make the rules
with all the recent algorithm changes your site may no longer be relevant


Hello James Gordon,
When ever your sale is decreased this is because of Inadequate traffic or google penalised your site. So you should follow the strategies which gain traffic on your Website.
To gain traffic on your website you have to start marketing your site on different social networking sites. For instance, Facebook, Twitter, Stumble upon, Tumblr etc.However, you also have to take Quality Backlinks from High PR Websites.
If you follow these strategies you will see a boost of traffic on your Website.

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