Is there any educational game on the topic of SEO and e-commerce? (apart form upcoming web ROI game )

Some would argue that SEO itself is a game, and one that gets ever harder to win as the rules are constantly changing.

Well, i guess yes there is a game which yu can play but I can't remember its name actually, in that game you need to take the water out by connecting the correct pipe from a puzzle. Actually that was a puzzle game in which you need to take the water out from a specific outlet (which is your site) and in the middle of the puzzel water lies (which can be compared as traffic the hungry users who are in need of some information) and all those pipes over the puzzle game (Can be compared as various site which can help you in bringing the traffic i.e. Google, forums,yahoo answers, blogs etc.) So I guess the game is created SEO is all about how to connect those pipes in a line, so the traffic can came down directly over your site.

I have never find such type of game which is related to seo . I did't try to search this type of educational promotion to learn the seo . If any one have any better game or website. most welcome

@Vacurect I am sure you must have played this game on when you're... anyway I would say I seriously ran out of option over here !

I've never heard of any sort of SEO game to learn about SEO beyond what happygeek mentioned. However if your thought is to try to train people through gamification on SEO you'd find yourself having a very inefficient business model. This is only due to the fact that internet marketing (including SEO) changes at such a rapid pace. What everyone suggests as working methods right now, probably won't be very applicable in two years. Some months I think you'd be hard pressed to even keep pace with the SE changes to actually keep your game relevant.

I never heared about that type of game which provide entertainment as we as knowledge.

I am accepting mr happygeek point, SEO also called one type of game, the keywords position are improving and decreasing depends upon google rules and algorithms.

Mr. geek , Yes I agree with your point , SEO is getting harder these days because of new rules and algorithms, So can you tell me what is the future of SEO ? I am seriousl worried about it.

Still now I haven't found any game still regarding SEO If I found any game surely I will remind you.

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