site problem not getting index in bing what problem its facing any idea

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Good day @Kiran sharma!
You may also try using analysis tools that are available over the internet. This tools might help you to point-out the problem on your website.

Here is the link of top 10 seo analysis tools.

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Have you tried checking you robot.txt file and the sitemap.xml file ?? If everything is in the correct place then try requesting the bing crawlers to crwal your page again but heading over to the bing webmaster tool and submit you site over there. See if that fixes your issue or not !

Great resource WebOutGateway; acouple others you may want to consider include:
SEO Site Checkup
Link Assistant

Although link assistant's powersuite is a bit advanced and you need to install it, it's free version does give you access to about 4 different tools which can really help to identify issues on your website.

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