I'm going to use Search Engine Optimizaation for my internet marketing. I received a lot of info from the group. It seems like a good way to go. Thank you!!!

Well, yes you are exactly correct about it ! Participation over online groups especially over daniweb, you can say I am fan of .... :D Anyway back to the question these groups can help you in learning a lot more abot seo.

what seems like a good way to go? you'll always best use several ways combined.
have a lot of keywords, keep your page active, keep it up to date, ...
also: when written using a framework like GWT, you might need a little 'hack' to get google to take your page into their results.

Linda, be sure to share your experiences with us. As a newcomer to the world of SEO I am sure that the lessons you learn will be of interest to others in the same situation.