I know this might not be the right section but i did not found any section about this subject or where i could post this, so please don't be mad on me.

As i am new i am not gonna specify any website or link so noone has to think i am trying to promote something. This is just a simple talking about something that many of us try these days.

I am new here so i thought to start a thread about a sensible subject "for some of us".
Everyone tries to make money online but verry few of us really succeed.
What do you think about pay per download websites ? do they really pay ? are they trustful? are they better than CPA ?
Is anything you would reccomand to use ?
Is CPA better ? PPC ? or you would recommand anything else ?

Thank you

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You might want to flag up that you work for/own one such network rather than just enquiring about the subject. Far more honest and open for everyone that way...

"The method we are going to look at here is promoting your PPD files through a one page Blogger blog, targeting easy to rank for software tools that people are desperate to get hold of for free or in this case just by filling out an offer through our PPD network.

A popular niche to choose is Facebook games where we can offer and promote a real or fake (no ethics here) bot for the game promising infinite gold, cash or items. Now as previously mentioned we don’t have to actually offer a real bot as a file for them to download, in fact most people just upload a text file to the PPD network with a jokey message not really caring as the person has already filled out an offer to download the fake file."

Source: Archived copy of the Purebits blog

Is it just me or does it sound deceitful? I think as a downloader, I'd be quite annoyed if I had paid for this service.

In general I would recommend avoiding this type of service. If you need to download something, it's safer to obtain it directly from the vendor's website, the original source. There's a better chance of getting exactly what you want and less chance of receiving something malicious like a virus.

Purebits, please feel welcome to explain if I have misunderstood how your service works.

Hello and welcome;

First I'd like to say that pay per download is pretty much CPA (Cost Per Action); an advertiser or yourself is paying for each successful action - in this case a download.

This is such a broad question because its so situational. I guess to begin the first thing any webmaster wants to do is ensure they are providing the best possible user experience to the people visiting their website. So if your revenues are coming from forcing people to download and install spam; you haven't achieved this because very rarely are you going to have repeat visitors.

From there I would then wonder about the way that your content is presented; is it presented in a spammy fashion? Does your website appear to look like it was built in 1996? Chances are if the answer is yes or possibly to either of these questions - CPA is not going to be effective for you.

So lets say you have managed to create a great user experience and you have presented yourself in a clean and professional manner - awesome, congrats you are now posing yourself to have a successful CPA campaign. Now if you are somewhat of a decent marketer you should have your site laid out so that people are instantly offered that CPA through a call to action - if they dont do the conversion then you provide something to keep them engaged (ie. content as to why they need it); at the bottom of the page we repeat the call to action - we keep rinsing and repeating this until either we get our desired conversion or we lose the lead. At this point we begin measuring; if we change the color of the CTA buttons - statistically do we get more conversions? We change the copy wording - statistically do we get more conversions? By re-positioning elements - statistically do we get more conversions?

CPA do work; but they need to be well implemented and it takes alot of work. Anybody who has been on the internet for any length of time has probably downloaded a free guide from time to time; what made you download that guide? Was it because the site looked clean and kept? Did it look secure? Keep that in mind when you are building a CPA campaign; because if you or your friends wouldnt click on it; why would john doe click on it?

Nice point PixelatedKarma. I like the way you think and i see you have a lot of knowledge about CPA and PPD networks.
And about what DistantGalaxy said... i think you are wrong. I saw many people do a lot of cash with Purebits and thei do not complain, at least not the one that do it in the right way. People can upload some quality content and let others download. offcourse there's something more from what i have red and understood, it also includes some surveys, that's for they get paid too but everyone has to earn something, because there's no company in this word that do not try to earn/achive something.
I think it is normal that if a company make money other people make money too, employees and other people that are registered to such a pay per download network. Everyone has to make a living.
I don't see anything spammy in that.
But i always welcome any oppinion from everyone because more brains are better than a single one and we can chose good things from all oppinions.

Too bad for the moment i am not making any cash but i am willing to try soemthing.

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