My Kitchen website Page for Keyword Modular Kitchen Chennai is in 13th position on 2nd page on I have made lot of off page submissions regarding this page & webmaster is also showing good number of backlinks. My problem is that this page is not appearing on 1st page in What should be done apart from these submissions in order to have ranking on 1st page. Please Suggest your views.

Analyze your competitors, if you do that well you can see what they are doing to rank where you want. Then just do a better job of it than them.

@dishapavers just getting a good backlinks doesn't means that you are going to be shown over the top of the SERPS, and talking about kitchen website page I remember a some user group spaming over the forum by posting junk over the forums and... all ! I don't know what has happened with them but anyway I would advise you to have a look over your back links i.e. the way you created backlinks I somewhere doubt there may be some problems with it ! And like @Pixelatedkarma said you must look what your competitors are doing !

Can you list out the activities which you have performed so far.Also quality link building needs to be done.Even a few of high quality backlinks are better than large number of low quality backlinks.

If you want to rank quickly for keywords,it's very important to increase network to share new content with –a blog following ,an audience on social media sites like : Facebook, twitter and G+ etc.

I cannot imagine how a web page could have difficulty performing for such a non-competitive keyword phrase. I would suggest you consider other forms of advertising beyond the search engines as the pages you are creating obviously add little value to the Internet.

The hardest part for those keywords, is competing with ikea, the big box stores with ridiculous ad budget

There are many flatpak and modular kitchen companies paying for adspace in newspapers, that give them the same space in the online versions, and those have dofollow links in the ads

  • newspaper ad, for the online link
  • post/ad in local house-reno fora
  • post/ad on local builder's fora
  • post/ad on local builder site
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Don't go with a perticular keyword. Working on same keywords with lots of submission may harm your website. Use different combination of keywords while doing backlinks. Write informative content/article with variety of keywords and submit them in blogs. Give a link to relavant page on your site from the blog. Share them on your social profiles. Thus you will get quality backlinks from quality content which may helo you get better ranking.

Update content with synonyms of the main keyword. Improve page loading time. Improve internal link structure and add more pages (Blog posts). Build links using long tail keywords. It will surely improve the keyword.

Hope its helpful.

Quality link building and connections through online communities. These two are the biggest factors affecting a website's keyword raking status. Quality backlinks should have unique and timely content and your social media should have a lot of interaction in it like the number of followers and links, shares, comments, retweets and mentions.

when u say page submission is assume u mean submissions to syndicated content, its not the best way to get links if u ask me

Does your page offer more valuable info than the websites on 1st page of Google? If yes, your page will move there soon or later. About the backlinks - you don't need to get thousands of crappy links. Get only few but from reputable, on-topic websites and you will see an improvement.

What about your onpage optimization? Having great Title Tag and Image Alt Tags, Meta Keywords and Description, URL, H1 and H2, Outbound Link Texts, Same Site Link Texts and more helps a lot in an SEO campaign of a website.

Quality matters most in link building. Even if you have a number of backlinks but if those backlinks are of low quality, it will bring less or no improvement at all.

But if your backlinks are high-quality backlinks, make sure those backlinks are being indexed by Google. You could submit your backlinks to social bookmarking sites. This is one way to get your backlinks to be indexed fast.

I dunno how the op got 2 downvotes for the question, it has been asked before, but not by him.

Given that you have found your site in google and queried the position,
why havent you placed your site in Google webmaster tools ?
you register, confirm ownership, then see everything google sees about your site.
You can then
fix any errors the bots find by instructions google give you,
optimise pages for search by instructions google give you,
include geo-targeting,
submit your sitemap,
receive notification if errors occur in future

Its google doing SEO for you.
Its Free
It changes the answers any time google change the algorithm, you're always up to date
Its a bloody good resource
forget bing yahoo ask: google >75% of searches, they make the rules, the others follow

other resources to optimise yoursite can be found in the
read me before you ask for review, code compliant sites rank higher in SER thread

Since you want to rank for local keywords:

I would recommend you to list your website in Google local places for Business. and authentiicate your website to the Google plus page.

Hope your website will be soon visible in Google first page pack.

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When doing backlinks, give anchor text to your keyword and optimize your page with your keyword like include your keyword in meta tags and content.

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