Google Tag Manager is easy, free, and reliable. It gives marketers greater flexibility, and it lets webmasters relax and focus on other important tasks. Here are a few answers and resources to help you get to know us better.

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Can't get the idea what actually the use of Tag manager is I have seen an option over the Google analytics that you can verift your site with the help of Tag manager but I am still a little confused on this one ! Does it means that Google Analytics is for webmasters and Google Tag manager is for Marketers ??


Through Google Tag Manager, you can create and update tags for your website and mobile apps, any time you want, at the speed of your business.

Take a look


Good products do not need blatant ad spamming


a page loaded with tags just to generate more traffic
also called keyword stuffing, a "kiss my SER goodbye" blackhat technique
Tags that do not reflect content are severely downgraded by SE,
andd this is a tool to do just that, Google's kick me out of Google tool

Add a bunch of tags, marketing think are good,
kill years of good rank, in an instant

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