Google Plus Heats Up the Competition Against Facebook...

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what makes you think Facebook is better than Google+?
they were built for different targetgroups, with different goals in mind. comparing them as being "that one is better" is ridiculous. they were not built for the same purpose, so there is no "better", they both are good for their targeted audience.

commented: agree! +2

Facebook and Google Plus both has different aspects that compel us to use both Social sites.
Facebook:- For me, Facebook beats Google Plus on the basis of Social Media Factors. The second biggest population of the world is on Facebook. Altough the ratio of fake accounts are enhanced very much but stats of Active accounts are in huge numbers. Facebook helps a business to get recognition even better than having a website.

Google Plus When the Google Plus was launched few years ago, people thought Google Plus will certainly compete Facebook in the market of Social Media. Yeah it is competing but not giving a tough time to Facebook. But Google Plus beats Facebook at one point and that is the point of good ranking in Google Search Engine. It is assumed and witnessed that if you have a good Google Plus interaction and activity you can get up in the ranking of Google Search Engine very faster.

Still i would love to go with Facebook. Because Google Plus still missing the factor of Social Addiction.

commented: yes! Google plus is rarely used and almost nobody creates a profile. But if you want someone - Facebook them! +2

Facebook and Google+ both is social networking site but target to different users. Facebook has more option for chatting, discussion and sharing. It is used by everyone but Google plus is used by professional (mostly). Google plus profile come in search results with respected website. So, comparing Facebook and Google plus is not good.

Google+ is better than facebook for web/blog promoting.

Facebook definitely helps us for promotion and branding a business or product.Google plus create business pages for reputation in the search engine.So i would say that both the social media sites needs to be used and both are pretty good in their individual features.

I think the purpose of Facebook and Google plus is different. Facebook is use mostly for personal realtion but Google+ is mostly use for professional relation.

Facebook is better then google because Facebook has huge users. So you can connected huge people by facebook. Facebook has tag option but Google doesn't.

If you see in unprofessional way than facebbok is good community.if you talking about professional community than Google + is bettar choice.

Face book is more friendly and we can find the friends from almost whole world.

Firstly, Facebook has more users, people can find their friends, families on Facebook easily.

Secondly, people has been getting used to facebook like Chinese users are getting used to QQ (an IM tool).

Thirdly, Facebook do have more great features than Google +.

From user persepective I will prefer facebook over Google +, but keeping in mind social signal and search engine presence I will go with Google.

1)Facebook Have More Active User.
The last best estimate for number of Google+ users was around 43 million users at the end of September, while Facebook sports 800 million, half of whom log on daily.

2)Google+ Doesn't Allow Promotions and Contests

More easy features in facebook.

Google +: You can follow someone. and all so (hangout with them)
facebook: same,
google +: you can't create the page and getting more traffic to your website (as for social media marketing)
facebook: On creting the page, and promoting as per the Facebook sponser then you can get the good traffic to your website, as more guys used facebook.
and you can also know when some one of your friend is tagged or some else.

Many user uses facebook to share their group photos and posts.

All social media's having different aim and target.
and exactly they reach to their goals.
all social media play important role to each buisness as

Facebook has more users than G+ plus Facebook’s interface is much better and the pages are a lot easier to maintain and allow a lot of dynamic features, on the other hand G+ communities lack a dynamic interface. Facebook also gives you a variety of options to give promotion to your page all in all according to my experience Facebook is really better than G+ for marketing purposes.

Both Search engines and Facebook or myspace have a large potential viewers, and they both are mainly Pay Per Just click programs.Facebook and Search engines each offer compensated marketing strategies in addition to free internet marketing resources like Facebook or myspace Fan Webpages and Google+ Company Webpages. These pages don’t require the professional to pay, but are still great locations for advertising your product and products.As CEO of web growth company iHenix, I am often requested this query by small enterprise proprietors whose marketing price range is low but want to have the highest possible revenue. To response them, I often make reference to an experience I had with a customer lately who had this very issue.

It depends on how you use both. I think G+ is a lot easier to promote on as they are not as spammed as facebook so they're not as paranoid yet and don't ban/close accounts as fast as facebok does.

"....I think G+ is a lot easier to promote on as they are not as spammed as facebook...."

Exactly. There are a huge number of fake accounts on facebook and even in twitter. If you have a local business aiming for a high spot on Google SERPs, it is improtant that you create relationships though google+.

i use fb for a long time and need to say it brings me really good traffic

Facebook has better prospects and coming out with more ads when compared with google plus.

I'm have a lot of followers people on Google+ and it's totally useless.

I think for blogs and websites, Google plus more helpful as compared to Facebook.

I can tell you from a practical aspect the following. I am a member of communities or groups on both social media sites, true, they are both very active, but when I post to the public, I get an almost immediate stream of traffic from Google + while Facebook, it takes quite a while since most of the people that have liked me or are following me, don't get to see it in their stream. Now, if you pay to boost your post, a lot of people will see it. That is the difference I see from a practical standpoint.

Yeah that is true that they both working on totally different aspects so one must not compare them with each other as it is a totally different thing. They both are best in their own field.

Well In my opinion, One must not compare these two with each other, Like facebook and google are totally different from each other and in their own field they both are providing their best. They are having their own different features on which they are working and they are giving out the best results out there.

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