I am an SEO executive. I am working on one of my projects and it’s been 5 months now working on the same. My client only wishes to get his intended keyword to rank on “first page of Google”. I have given all my efforts and it worked also to bring them on 2nd and 3rd page, but still needs to be improved. So please give your expert suggestions to bring them on 1st page and also to maintain their positions. Below are some of the points which are important:

  1. The keywords along with their positions on Google.com are:
    a. Botox Las Vegas- Rank: 21
    b. Juvederm Las Vegas- Rank: 12
    c. Microcannula- Rank: 11
    d. Latisse Las Vegas- Rank: 24
  2. I have tried out all the off-page SEO activities like Blog Commenting, Forum Posting, Social Bookmarking, File Sharing, Slide Sharing, Directory Submission, Business Listing, Photo Sharing, Review Sharing, and web 2.0 blog submissions etc… Also I have analyzed all the on-page factors and fixed them.

Please if there are some expert suggestions post below. I am eager to know all the new and effective suggestions.

Google displays results based on two main qualities.

First is, it looks at what pages link to your page, it examines the importance of all these sites. It then looks at all the sites that link to those sites and examines the importance of those sites. Bigger, more influencial sites have a higher importance which instantly raises the importance of your site.

Another thing it looks at is the occurance of keywords and their proximity within your page. So if the query is "Hello World" and your site contains "Hello" and position 1 and "World at position 387, you will have a low rank for the query. However, if you have "Hello" and position 1 and "World" at position 2, then you have a high rank as the words fit the query very well.

There are also other things to consider such as when the document was last modified as new content is better for users than a page that has been left dormant for the last 8 years.

On the whole I'd say that you need to think about when you want your page to turn up by listing the queries that you want to return your page, then make sure that the content on your page includes the keywords.

Posting on many sites will not get your rank up, especially if they are things like blogs and forums as this isn't reliable influencial sources. You need relevant, big sites to find your site and provide links to it from their page.

Hope these small tips are helpful

Hi Pankaj,
Have do you target the keywords???
Just focus on the top 10 search results for the keywords and then analyse the backlinks of your competitors first.
Then make relevant backlinks on the websites where your competitor has. It will definitely work. This is what SEO is all about.

I was going to give the same answer that @Obsys has given !!

Focus on limited number of keywords and concentrate with on page and do limited submission per day.

Now a days, no one says that m a SEO expert because no body can 100% perfect in SEO. Every body know about the updates and algorithm but when we came on practical basis then every thing is rumor :P

there is lots of competitions for the targeted keywords, both the off page and on page factors are important to get ranked in first page.


First of all update your self in SEO as on the basis of latest Google update and algorithm. You don't need to concentrate of quantity of work, its to old method of SEO. Now a day's you need to concentrate on quality work. If you ON page work is fine then you should to use quality submission sites in Off page.
You can also use Infographic, co-citation process.

Those have to be some of the most obscure keyphrases I've ever seen. How you can poorly rank for such things is a reflection of your existing efforts in SEO. Whatever it is you are presently attempting, stop doing it and create some content that appears intelligent somewhat and you should be fine.

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