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SEO Techniques are of two types
On Page SEO- In on page seo u have to use programming techniques within the source code.
Off Page SEO- In Off page seo u have to concentrate on do-follow backlinks creation.


You should start making a quality content. No one will stay longer on a website that is lacked of information. Make sure that your URL’s are easy to identify by the visitors.


U are absolutly right Andieshre, without quality content website while srink irretrively into the black hole & according google updates content is still king in seo.


SEO is about quality content. To do that, you should know the process. You can start with keyword research, on-page optimization, link acquisition and SEO copy writing. You can also read the SEO beginner's guide by MOZ.


Well, man I would say first of all you need to learn what SEO is inorder to ... I can get the idea just by hearing the question which you have asked over here ! One more thing those links you put over the signature is off page activites in SEO, in this we try to gain backlinks with the help of forum posting .... Head over to the Search Engine Land and start by reading all the post over their, I am sure theycan easily help you out in knowing what are the do's and dont's ...

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