What is the best SEO Strategy? How are you using basic SEO techniques to get better results for your websites? I mean in which ratio you are using different SEO techniques?

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  1. sign up for google webmaster tools
  2. verify site ownership
  3. submit xml sitemap
  4. follow google instructions specific to your site

beyond crazy to rely on instructions from anyone other than google

One's best SEO Strategy will not work for others because everyone has different website and purpose. I am agree with almostbob's suggestion. You should follow Google's recommendation for your website.

The best SEO techniques are having best use of good keywords to make them rank well in organic search results. Keep your networklike social media and blogging active and engaging. Hsare resgular updates.

There are more than 20 strategies to get traffic to your site.

There could no specific universal SEO strategy for each type of website. But Onsite issues could be saught out on priority then setup social profiles and afterwards off page activities.

Create a xml sitemap,sign up for webmaster and web analytic tools. Follow the SEO guidelines offered by Google for better optimization of website.

SEO strategy is a very wide concept to rank your site first in SEO.
Passes your site in various parameter, clear on page optimization, keep content descriptive and unique that attarct user and divert your traffic to your site. Generate do follow and quality backlinks from off page optimization.
This activity give a result.

I only wish I knew what techniques worked today :) I'd be in a hell of a better position than I am!

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Unique and fresh content update and social sharing is palying main role in SEO.

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