I am facing problem regarding Google Webmaster Tools. It has stopped updating status after 12/01/2015. I am facing the same problem will all my sites.

Is there anyone who is facing the same problem?
Can anyone help me out?

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Many other site owners have a same problem. its not your fault don't take a tention. its a back end problem. you need to patient and use google analytics at the meantime. 'thats all '

Nope, I don't think so mine is working like it always do! I have just checked my google webmaster tool for the same and its showing the updated information till 13/01/2015 means things are working did you tired checking the webmaster tool again !

This problem is not being faced by evryone but some experts do also face this problem.

Well @davijhon that's weird I was hearing about this thing only over this thread rest all the SEO and wbemaster forums aren't murmuring about it. So, I do have a little doubt about it ! Anyway let us just wait a little more and see if there's someone else who is encountering the same!

GOOD @kelly burby the same problem also arised in 2011. You are more experienced then me. If i am wrong then its more benefital for my knwoledge. I want to know if i am wrong then what is correct let us wait.

May be there is a problem with your server end.
or check your linked file of webmaster tools

Yup its working fine for me.

So check your webamster code or html file

@davijhon well, that looks like the webmaster tool is working good as confirmed by other members over the forum !

What, specifically, stopped updating? Which graphs? Which data? Some data in GWT can be weeks behind (my indexed page graph is always at least 2 weeks off), while other data (such as http status errors) is usually off by only a few days.

@ DANI please clear that its back end problem or not?

If you're talking about what I think you are, it's not a problem at all. GWT is simply lagging by design.

The problem may persist with only few webmasters. Most of us including me don't have this problem.

@webpagedesign do you have any proof to support your answer?? or I would say warriorforum people has answered your question in an much clear manner.

It is still working fine. Plz state specifc problem- whether it is about account related or analystics related. It may be at backend, plz waith for some time or set the account again.

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